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The sound of school sounded like the sound of natural sound to the ears of our high school students, looking at the drizzle outside the window, but I found sadly that I did not bring an umbrella. I hesitated, not knowing whether to go forward or wait ... The rain did not become smaller as I expected, but it got bigger and bigger. The start of the bus stimulated my desire to go home mokingusacigarettes.com. I'm still waiting. The rain was getting bigger and bigger. I finally made up my mind and ran to the last bus quickly. The coldness of the heavy rain made me tremble. I stepped on the bus and felt the warmth passed on my feet. Determined to take the bus home. I got on the bus in two or three steps, and my pockets were sorrowful in my heart: it was miserable, and I didn't even bring money. Seeing the curious eyes of everyone gathered on me at once Marlboro Red, even with the driver looking at the front but turning his head to look at my questioning eyes; my face "teng" suddenly turned red, not even when I entered Retreat is not. Smiled awkwardly. He hurried off the bus and stood alone under the roof again. Rain seemed to hear my prayer slowly becoming smaller. I bit my lip and made up my mind to go back! The wind blew my thin clothes, and the rain slapped my body. The rain suddenly increased and the wind roared and roared. The rain is washing and washing. My hair was wet, my clothes were wet Wholesale Cigarettes, and in the package of cold water, I dragged my heavy steps, step by step, step by step ... The way home was not particularly far, but today it is very far away. The rain wets my eyes, and a dark gray blue suddenly appears in front of him. A closer look turns out to be my dad. He stood quietly at the intersection I had to go home. Holding on, the umbrella I hurried to throw it to the schoolbag, and then continued to rain. "I have to go home by myself!" I said loudly. My dad showed up when I was most desperate. He inspired my instinct to lose. I can, as long as I do it. Back home, the hot water and the laundry are neatly placed there. I quickly picked it up and took a shower. After taking a bath, Dad said to me with a serious voice: "Remember, not always someone will help you with many things. You need to do it yourself. You can't count on others. I know you didn't bring an umbrella or money, but I can't pick you up. You, I want you to understand that you are the most reliable. "My father's words made me particularly moved. He did not make me comfortable, nor did it cause me pain, but, tempered me under the most suitable conditions for exercise of will. It turned out that Dad had been caring for me silently, although he did not want to say that someone was moved by high school is the light of the night, guiding the way home; Home way.
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